Absolute Classics

Absolute Classics is a classical music festival, a year-round series of chamber music concerts and an educational programme for budding musicians.

BDSDigital is a major sponsor and the proud creator of Absolute Classic’s branding, website and printed materials. It was important to incorporate both a modern, clean look and a stylish, classical feel for a festival of music played by a wide range of artists from around the world. We used the skills of our classical music expert to furnish the site with extra information and even commissioned a new composition premiered in 2019.

We created a brand that reflected classicism through a monochromatic, elegant logo, alongside complementary muted colours. We then developed the website, focusing on maintaining the clean aesthetic.

“The great thing about BDS is the way it has worked with us at all levels: website, data content, branding, promotional material, pull up banners for display at venues and fund-raising events… I can truly say that BDS is with us all the way.” Alex McQuiston, Absolute Classics

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