Macmillan Higher Education

Macmillan Higher Education is a global academic publisher for scholarship, research and professional learning. They publish monographs, journals, reference works and professional titles, online and in print, with a focus on humanities and social sciences.

Macmillan approached BDSDigital because of our experience with very large datasets and also because of the huge volume of information that they have associated with each academic title, which needed to be managed and presented quickly and efficiently.

Each title might come with sample chapters, videos, spreadsheets, PowerPoints and additional files. In addition, most titles have their own companion web site where lecturers and students can explore the wealth of material available.

The site takes data feeds from a number of sources and loads these automatically each day into nearly a dozen separate databases. Once loaded the data is managed by means of a comprehensive Content Management System designed to keep such a huge task as simple as possible so that editors around the world can concentrate on writing content and not programming servers.

In addition, the site is configured for both USA and UK views – avoiding the need to have two separate sites, one in each location.

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